Baseboards, which run between the floor and the walls, are essential to any flooring installation project. They can have a simple flat design that blends well with room decor or an ornate sculpted design that becomes a focal point in the room.

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Baseboards may seem like a small detail when you have new floors installed in your home, but they make a big difference in function and design.

●  Baseboards that are compatible with architectural details and room decor give your home a finished, unified look.

●  In addition, baseboards cover the gap that is needed between the floor and walls when some hard surface floors are laid; this gap allows for the expansion and contraction of planks and tiles.


Baseboards also hide the rough edges around the bottom of your walls. However, they provide more than an aesthetically pleasing look.

●  Baseboards keep dirt and debris from walls, so cleanup is easy, and walls are not damaged.

●  Baseboards protect walls from moisture spilled on your new floors that could quickly soak into the drywall, expand upward, and create a stain that is hard to remove.

●  Baseboards protect walls from physical damage, including damage from mops and vacuum cleaners.

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