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Why choose hardwood flooring in the first place?

Even if you've considered hardwood flooring in the past, there still may be a great deal of information you might not know about when it comes to this product line. However, it's a material that could easily meet all your needs for durability, visual appeal, and certainly lifespan, and we'd like to tell you more about the products. So, follow along here to see if hardwood is the material that caters to your needs.

Take your time with wood floors

Wood floors can certainly cater to your requirements for flooring lifespan, with solid materials offering more than 100 years of life when professionally installed and properly maintained. Engineered products, which are the only natural wood alternative for below-grade placement, can last 30 years or more under the same circumstances. Each one offers characteristics and benefits of its own, and we'll be happy to tell you more.

Few floor coverings are as customizable as hardwood flooring, allowing you to choose a species, stain color, texture, format, and installation layout, to name a few. Of course, there are many other choices to make as you go along, and we can walk you through every step related to your requirements. That's why it's so important to dive into the process with experienced associates who will never steer your wrong.

The installation process always begins with acclimation, no matter which product you choose. This process can take one to three days on average and helps alleviate the fear of materials warping, cracking, or splitting after installation. To get your project underway today, be sure to find out more about our offerings by speaking with an associate while you're here.

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We provide wood floors you can live with

Sooner Flooring and Design is proud to offer you a wealth of options for creating the perfect floors in any room of your home. We specialize in listening to your requirements and then matching them from our inventory of products, no matter how large or small the remodel. Our associates can go further to suggest only the best services for your chosen materials as well, so be sure to speak with us at length.

If you live in Claremore, OK, Oologah, OK, Catoosa, OK, Owasso, OK, or Pryor, OK, you'll find our Claremore, OK showroom to be the best place to start shopping for hardwood flooring. We are always standing by to help you find everything necessary for stunning results. Whether you need solid or engineered wood flooring, we'll see to it that you choose only the best.